Sunday, June 10, 2012

Biggest Loser

About a month or so ago, the females in my family decided to do a Biggest Loser contest with the winner getting a pedicure at the end. I didn't think I had a shot in hell at winning because I feel that I have so much more to lose (no, we are not going by lbs lost, but by percentages so I realize we can all potentially win), but was willing to join in for the support and fun of it.

A few weeks went by and for whatever reason I decided I needed to take "before pictures" so that I can see a difference at the end of the competition (like I as actually doing something to win LOL). These pictures actually horrified me! Oh.My.God. Don't get me wrong, I love having curves, but I do NOT like seeing certain curves in the light of day. There is a reason you can turn lights off. HAHA.

So being me, I needed to find the good in it, so I decided that those pictures were the motivation I I downloaded an app on my phone (Couch-to-5k) and started it last week. (Who said a chick with HUGE knockers can't run?) it may not be pretty, but screw it. I am actually LOVING jogging again...I didn't realize how much I missed it. I'm not ready for a 5k yet, but look out world, when I am, IT'S ON.

So the app is great, but it pisses me off at the same time...I cannot get it to sync with the treadmill and it doesn't show what I'm actually doing. If I make it a certain distance, I want to be acknowledged for it damnit! And at the correct speed would be nice too! But I digress...

It's great, and either way, I will see a change in what I can accomplish by the end of the program. If you're feeling lucky, I may share my journey...OK, maybe not EVERYTHING don't worry. Perhaps if I keep this up, there is a chance in hell that I may win that pedicure! And then maybe get that tattoo I've been talking about.............

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