Thursday, June 28, 2012

I still got it!

So I realized that I have not posted for a bit...sorry about that. (I know you must have been getting no sleep in fear you may be missing something...but have no fear!) So last week I went to the gym for my normal (wow, I can actually say that?!) workout but ended up cutting it short with excruciating pain in my calves. I did however manage to run my fastest mile (at that time!) before hobbling down the stairs to get to my car in which I had to sit for a good 5 minutes trying not to freak out and cry because of the pain (I HATE crying) before driving home. I couldn't seem to shake the pain for a few days (perhaps I should have purchased some stock in ibuprofen) and didn't want to aggravate them, so I took some time off from the gym (believe it or not, this made me antsy...I actually missed having that physical activity!). Well...I finally went back! Today's lunch hour felt fantastic! I completed another day on my C25K program and did my normal 2 miles faster than ever (well maybe not EVER, but at least since high school LOL)!!!

I am proud of the improvement in just a few weeks and CANNOT wait to improve even more! A few friends and I are looking into running some 5Ks at the end of summer and on...CAN'T wait!!! It seems so strange that I used to run track back in the day and loved it...and I didn't run for so many years. (I could delve into the reasons why...but we'll just leave it as I allowed myself to make excuses and let life pull me along.)

Although I would love to lose weight, my goal is to be healthy and happy. I do not ever want to be the twig I used to be as that wasn't healthy either. I look at pictures from that time and it digusts me...I wish I could feed my younger self and tell her to keep her chin up and don't let people destroy her confidence. So although the above picture is motivating me to keep improving on my health...the following picture is a reminder to me that I do not want to completely let myself go to an extreme either (this was at my current height and my stomach was actually inverted! Yuck!).

Here's to improvement that will hopefully never diminish! Cheers! (Oh, this is your opportunity to clap and get're welcome HAHA)

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