Monday, June 11, 2012

Lunch of champions

So I worked from home today (I am fortunate enough to have this available to me while I still have my corporate job) and was feeling very sluggish (eww yuck!). I decided that instead of letting myself feel this way, that I would do something about it. So I actually went to the gym at lunch! Who knew that people did that during the workday?! I was surprised to find that there were actually more people there at lunchtime than any other time I have gone (it was kinda like walking into the twilight zone for a few minutes LOL). Anyway, I started up my C25K app and jumped on the treadmill and went at it. Today was my Week 1, Day 3 workout (although it was actually day 4...I just sucked at life day one and had to run outta there too quick to be able to finish the last 2 minutes of my cool down so it didn't count). I know it's not fantastic, but since I have not jogged in YEARS, I am pretty damn proud of myself. I completed 2 miles in 30 minutes! (This includes brisk walking and jogging intermittently.) I cannot wait to improve on this (and perhaps wear a more supportive sports bra next time...but that's another story) and be able to run a 5k at the end! So, what did you do for lunch today? HEHE

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